Saturday, February 27, 2010

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  1. hi im kiki i will be going to your school im going to be in 7th grade i get really good grades and i think its really cool how u guys made this school in our area i live in chino hills i was supposed to go to townsend but my mom went to the meeting and she didnt tell me but my big sister went with her when they came back they told me everything i figured out the next day at school that only six kids in my class r going even more and my friends across the street im so happy and now i really want togo there r so many oppurtunites at your scbhool i plan to lear an instrument learn a new language and do dance im so happy there is only one bad thing I DONT WANT THE UNIFORMS TO BE UGLY I MEAN I DONT WEAR SKIRTS I WEAR SKINNIES PLEASE DO SOMETHING I LOVE PURPLE AND GREEN NEON thank u for reading this please email me at thank u for listening