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OPA Convocation & Honor Society Candidate Statements

Join us for a very important Parent Information Meeting Thursday August 19, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. on the Oxford Campus.

Important topics for our Parent Meeting will include:

  • Elections of our Convocation (School SITE Council), Honor Society (PFA), and ELAC.
  • A light preview tasting of our nutritious and delicious school lunches!
  • An overview of our grading policy.
Candidates will present thirty second speeches preceding ballot casting on Thursday night. In an effort to give our parents a greater opportunity to learn about the a few of the wonderful parents wishing to contribute to our leadership teams, the following statements have been provided:

Scott Boskovich

My name is Scott Boskovich, and I am the proud parent of two students that will have the opportunity to attend OPA this next year, and I am running to become a member of the Convocation Committee at OPA. My youngest will be starting 1st grade and my oldest will be starting 3rd grade. I firmly believe that participation with your children's education and activities is vital to helping them become the best that they can. As such, I have been a Cub Scout Leader in Pack 393 for a couple of years now, a Soccer Coach in AYSO 779 for several years, and a Baseball Coach in Chino Hills Little League, also, for several years now. I also have the opportunity to give back to the community by participating in the Chino Hills Little League Board of Directors as a Vice President of the AAA/Majors Division. In each of these capacities I am able to provide directions and support to kids to help them achieve the best they can do.

I firmly believe that the OPA philosophy and the learning environment that has been discussed thus far is a great opportunity for all of the students that will be attending. Professionally, I am Senior Researcher and Engineer in Robotics and Embedded Software Design for a major technology company as well as a Professor at Cal Poly Pomona.
As a Professor of Robotics and Design in the Electrical Engineering Dept. I have the opportunity to recognize the skills that are necessary to allow my own two kids to succeed, and I continually instill in them. By being my a member of the Convocation Committee, I would like to offer my experience by working with the students and the school to help in providing with the directions that will help everyone to succeed to their maximum potential. I also want to help make the school, Oxford Preparatory Academy, synonymous with excellence in Academics, Technology, Arts, and Sports, while achieving optimal balance.

I would like to thank you for your consideration for this position.

Patti Blake

My name is Patti Blake and I am running for OPA’s Convoction Council. I received my B.A. In Liberal Studies from CSULA in 1993 and I am a teacher with 13 years experience in elementary education. My years of experience have been mostly in the private school sector, but also in public. My youngest daughter will be attending OPA for 6-8th grade and I have 2 students at Ontario Christian High School. Two years ago, I had the privilege of attending two weeks of training with Sue Roche in her Multiple Intelligence way of teaching. I instantly was on board with it and had great success immediately.

I have been involved in volunteering in many different aspects of my children’s extracurricular endeavors from team mom, room mom, mentor mom with MOPS, School Site Council at Wickman Elementary (3 years), Picture mom, VBS crafts coordinator for 500+ children, Sunday School teacher, Girl Scout leader, and more. Over the last few years, I have educated myself about nutrition and am interested in helping children learn a healthy exciting alternative way of eating. I am excited to be involved at OPA and am hoping that I am chosen to serve on this council.

Lily Monreal

I am Lily Monreal and would like to fiil the position as Auditor for OPA. My experience in banking and mortgage finance should benefit the needs of the school. I have about 20 years experience in finance and feel that I could be a great asset for the OPA team.

Heather Heider

Heather grew up locally and attended all CVUSD grade schools. She, along with her husband, is a parent lead petitioner and founding member of OPA. Heather has a B.S. degree in physics with a mathematics emphasis and supervises a forensic laboratory for a large Orange County law enforcement agency. Her five year old daughter will be starting kindergarten this coming year. Her three year old son insists he is starting kindergarten as well this September, however will be attending in 2012. Heather is a huge proponent for OPA's mission and whole-heartedly feels the school will be a rich and diverse experience for all students. She is currently an active member in both the Technology and Secretarial Committees and very thankful to be a part of such a unique and worthwhile educational experience.

Jill Cufley

Hi OPA families, my name is Jill Cufley and I am running for recording secretary for the Honor Society. I have a son who will be in first grade at OPA and we are so excited to get started! I work as a nurse so I have many years' experience listening to people and writing down all the little (and big!) details discussed. I would love the opportunity to be involoved with the Honor Society so I can have an active role in helping to make OPA the best school in the Chino Valley! We have seen what can be done with all of the community and parental support in such a short time, imagine what we can do together throughout the entire school year. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for your consideration.

Esther Pewterbaugh

Hello my name is Esther Pewterbaugh and I am excited and proud to be running for the Honor Society. I hope I can count on your vote and that you would consider me for filling the position as your Corresponding Secretary. I am a mother of three awesome boys ages 6, 5, and 3. Currently I am serving in the hardest job ever...A STAY AT HOME MOM! I believe that as parents we serve as one of the strongest advocates for our children, and for all students at OPA. Once I saw there was an area in which I could use my talents to help, I eagerly signed up!
Currently I am involved in not only enriching the lives of my own children, but also the children in our community. I have been co-leading a Mommy and Me group since my six year old was six months old. I have served in the children's ministry, including Vacation Bible School, at the church we attend, and I have been a table leader for Mother's of Preschoolers, also known as MOPS.
Brining resources and opportunities to children has always been a passion for me. While I was a student at CSU, Fullerton, I belonged to student organization in which I planned and organized a Jr. High Leadership Conference. My desire was to encourage and plant seeds into the hearts of students to seek a higher education. My first career outside of college was with Disney GOALS, as the Education Coordinator. Students that went through my program were motivated to do better in school, and thus got to participate in the hockey program. As the Ed. Coordinator, it was my job to find resources to expose students to a wide range of opportunities and educational experiences. From there I moved on to coordinate another educational program called the "Each One, Reach Two Mentor Program." I matched two students per one mentor, a total of 200 mentees and 100 mentors, planned and organized activities for the program, and worked with the parents as well.
Through these different experiences I've had to do a lot of recruiting, networking, and corresponding with various letters and forms. I feel that my passion as an advocate for all children and education will make a difference at this school. The Honor Society will provide leadership opportunities for everyone and I will be honored to bring my experience to the table to make this happen!

Aileen Collins

I am interested in volunteering for the Corresponding Secretary. I'm sorry I cannot attend the meeting this Thursday. I don't really have a lot to say about myself on this position except that I am good in follow up phone calls, and reminding people events and things. I will also volunteer for miscellaneous events whenever I can. I mostly want to support OPA in whatever way I can, aside from the required hours.

I'm sure I will be helping around campus as the year progresses also.

I'm excited to find out about this election's outcome.


Aileen Collins

Maria Taylor

I have submitted my name for the OPA Convocation as a parent representative for a special education student.I have 3 children. My son will be a sophmore at Chino Hills HS. I will have 2 daughters and a niece attending OPA. This will be my first time on a school site council.I am have a BS degree in Biology with an emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology from SDSU.I am a Senior Cinical Research Associate working on Pharmaceuticals studies for drugs not yet approved by FDA.I am new to Chino and am looking forward to a great first year.

Tracy Lindsey Melchior

My name is Tracy Lindsey Melchior. I have a 9yr old who is entering the 4th grade and a 10mo. old. When my oldest son was identified GATE I began researching what that meant. I quickly learned it is so much more than just a proficiency in learning. These kids have a unique perspective which can be helpful in some areas and present challenges for them in others. I think there are a lot of misconceptions that GATE kids are simply accelerated learners. I joined the GATE committee at so I could participate and be an advocate for these unique kids. At Oak Ridge where he attended I was nominated as the District Rep for our school. I have also served on the School Site Council where I was nominated Secretary. I am very excited to serve at a school with less bureaucracy where we really have the ability to make a difference for these kids.

Wendy Coffin

Hello Fellow OPA Parent,

My name is Wendy Coffin. (Yes, my husband sells Life Insurance he really does) and I would love to represent your views and ideas to our Convocation Committee. (or as some of us know it the PTA) I have been involved in the PTA for 3 years at Butterfield Ranch Elementary. Where I held the VP Fundraising position. I would love to continue helping our children get the most out of school. By working hard to ensure that we have all the funds that we need to accomplish our goal...... Our Goal Of Educating Our Future Champions!


Wendy Coffin

Brian Heider

Brian Heider is a medically retired Orange County police detective who worked gang, narcotic, child abuse and homicide investigations. Brian is currently the President of Oracle Investigations Group, Inc., a professional investigation agency, and is also a licensed real estate broker. Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Law and Society from the University of California at Riverside. Brian was previously the Head Water Polo & Swim Coach at his alma mater (Chino High School) and taught in the Chino High School Social Science Department. Brian is a Lead Petitioner and Founding Member of Oxford Preparatory Academy and has been consistently active during the charter approval process. Some of Brian’s responsibilities have included short & long-term facility planning, school site security planning and implementation, character development curriculum research and school lunch service research. Brian’s experience as an educator, coach, law enforcement official and parent makes him a perfect fit for one of the elected parent positions on OPA’s Convocation and looks forward to continuing his service to the students, staff and parents of OPA.

Julian Ervin

I received my bachelors degree from Willamette University in Salem, OR in 1998 and my Masters in Education from Idaho State University in 2000. While attending Willamette, I held several leadership positions including, President of the Black Students Organization; President is Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity; and undergraduate assistant for the Dean of Students. At Idaho State, I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a graduate assistant in the Sports Science department, where I taught fitness, wellness, and physiology classes for undergraduate students.

I am currently a store manager for Target and also hold the position of community relations manager for 17 stores in LA and San Bernardino counties. I have organized and set up media coverage for community events attended by over 300 target team members. I also recently promoted targets community involvement on a local radio show.

In addition, I sit on the board of directors for the Canyon Hills Little League where I help promote and coordinate the fall and spring baseball seasons.

As a former educator and athlete, I am most comfortable in front of large groups and high energy situations. Which is why I believe the VP of public relations would be a good fit for me. I would love nothing more than to spread the word about the great things OPA is doing for our children and our community...and with one child entering Kindergarten and one entering 1st grade, I'd love to do it for a long time!

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Valerie Bangma

My name is Valerie Bangma. I am interested in serving on the Honor Society as Vice-President of Development. If given this opportunity I will do everything necessary to ensure the success of OPA and the future of the students.

Thank you

Melissa Perry

Hello, my name is Melissa Perry. I am excited to have an opportunity to run for the office of Vice-President of Fundraising for Oxford Preparatory Academy. I am currently the Fundraising and Travel Coordinator for the Chino Hills High School Marching Band and Color Guard as well as a member of the Music Department's executive board. I have over four years experience working with the Chips for Kids Program through my employer, the California Highway Patrol. I also served two years as the membership Vice-President for the PTA at Chaparral Elementary. I will bring many unique and exciting fundraising opportunities to benefit our children and our school. I feel that fundraising should be an enjoyable experience for both the students and parents. I will strive to provide the most user friendly fundraising opportunities for our students and our school. I will be dedicated to the students, parents, teachers and administrators as I perform my duties as the Vice-President of Fundraising at Oxford Preparatory Academy.

Shari Woerz

I would like to continue to be involved with my daughter's education in serving the faculty and parents of OPA in any way possible.

I have had previous experience as a secretary and would do my best in performing the duties required for the

Corresponding Secretary. Thank you for your consideration.

Adriana Provens

My name is Adriana Provens, my daughter Julia will be starting 5th grade at Oxford Preparatory Academy, and my son Jon is in a waiting list trying to attend 7th grade. I have been involved in education since 1994, working as a School Community Liaison, a Preschool Teacher, and a Child Development Teacher. I am currently working for Pomona Unified School District as a Child Development Teacher, providing services to parents and children from pregnancy to age three. I have served as a Site Council member for Anna Borba Elementary school for two consecutive years, holding the Secretary and Chairman positions. I believe my background will be instrumental in helping me fulfill the responsibilities of the OPA Convocation Committee, and will do my best to honor your trust.

Monday, August 9, 2010

This Week at Oxford Prep: August 9 through August 14, 2010

August 9 through August 14, 2010

OPA Independent Study Information Meeting Wednesday, August 11 at 6:00 p.m.

Come learn all about this innovative Independent Study Program offered at Oxford Preparatory Academy!

Wednesday, August 11 at 6pm in the OPA Multi-Purpose room

You may submit your application to the Independent Study Program following the information meeting or to our Director of Independent Study, Rebecca Baty or by email at rbaty@charter.net


This outstanding program is truly unique and is the first of its kind in our area! Help guide your child’s educational future by enrolling your child in this high performing, innovative educational program. This ground-breaking program allows students the opportunity to pursue an education along WITH their peers. We want you and your child to be part of Oxford Preparatory Academy!

Currently, we are offering the Level One Program: On Campus Instructional Workshops & Home-based Instruction

In addition, Independent Study students at Oxford Prep, may participate in classes which may include:

* Science Experiments

* MIND Institute

* Music and Band

* Physical Education

* Foreign Language

* Computer Lab

* Multiple Intelligences Enrichment

* Library

* Or other specific educational opportunities

As students of the Academy, extra-curricular activities will be offered to all students in the Independent Study Program, such as:

* Field Trips

* Student Leadership

* Cheerleading

* School Newspaper

* School Yearbook

* Sports

Notification will be given to those accepted into the program.

Oxford Champion Village: Before and After School Care Registration Opens Thursday August 12th at 9:00 a.m.

Oxford Preparatory Academy is pleased to announce registration for our Oxford Champion Village Before and After School Care Program. Registration will open Thursday August 12, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

o register, please download the packet from our website. All families must complete and submit a registration packet and a non-refundable fee of $50 is due at the time of registration, payable by cash or check only.

For more information, please visit our website at www.oxfordchampions.com and preview the Powerpoint information on our Champion Village Before and After School Program. Here you will learn about hours, rates, policies, and more.

Registration for Oxford Champion Village is on a first come, first served basis.

Uniform Fittings Friday August 13 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. & Saturday August 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To learn the answers to Frequently asked questions about uniforms, please visit our OPA Blog.

Dream Big. Act Now. Help Oxford win much needed funds for valuable programs.

The generous folks at Kohls are giving away $500,000 to the top 20 schools to receive the most votes on a Facebook contest. Can you imagine what OPA can do with that for your kids?

  • Please take 30 seconds to "Like" Kohls on your Facebook profile.
  • Click "Vote Now" to find our school or follow this link
  • or type in "Oxford Preparatory Academy"
  • Select "Oxford Preparatory Academy (unknown) Chino, CA".
  • Finally, click on the button "Cast a Vote" 5 times.

Don't forget to tell your friends and family to vote! **If EVERY OPA family gave their votes and recruited five friends and family members to vote for OPA, we would DEFINITELY make it to the Top 20 and win the $500,000!**

Remember, every Facebook account can give OPA 5 votes!

Log on to www.averydennisongivebacktoschools.com

  • Click "log on to vote" in the upper left hand corner.
  • Log in through Facebook or by entering your email address.
  • Search for "Oxford Preparatory Academy" in the "Find your School" tab
  • Click "Vote for this School" button

You can vote once every day until September 5, 2010.

Spread the word with family and friends!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oxford Prep Proposed Master Calendar and Daily Schedule

Click on images to enlarge.

Please note these proposed schedules may be subject to change.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Uniforms

What is the Required Uniform?

Girls (primary grades)

  • Monday: jumper, blouse and tie
  • Tuesday through Thursday may wear Monday uniform OR optional white polo, or blouse and skort
  • Friday University tee shirt and dress code appropriate bottoms from own wardrobe

Girls 5-8

  • Monday: white blouse, tie, plaid skirt
  • Tuesday through Thursday: May wear Monday uniform OR optional polo or blouse and skort
  • Friday is University tee shirt and dress code appropriate bottoms from own wardrobe

Boys are the same k-8

  • Monday: oxford shirt (long or short sleeve) and tie, pants and belt
  • Tuesday through Thursday: may wear Monday uniform OR teal polo shirt and black shorts
  • Friday: University tee shirt and dress code appropriate bottoms from own wardrobe.

All pieces are to be purchased from Vicki Marsha to ensure consistency in style, durability, dye lots, and the very essence of a uniform.

  • Shoes must be closed-toed and coordinated with the school uniform.
  • University shirts will be sold through the school and will be known once their classrooms have been designated (USC, Harvard, Stanford, for example).
  • Letterman Sweaters will be required uniform wear by November 1. They will replace paper certificates for awards and recognition ceremonies. Students can earn pins and patches for academics, sports, and extra-curricular achievements. The year on the sleeve is the year the student promotes out of Oxford.
  • Independent Study students are required to purchase one Monday Formal uniform. Should they desire any optional pieces (polos, skorts, pants or shorts (for boys) they may do so. One set of Monday formal attire is required for every Oxford Student.

Vicki Marsha Uniforms will make EVERY effort to deliver our uniforms before the beginning of school. We have six more order dates in Chino, all of which occur after the July 15 date indicated on the standardized receipt. VMU anticipates delivery in time for our September 7 school opening, and will keep in close touch with our school office.

Visit www.vickimarsha.com and use school code OPA2010 to preview the Oxford Uniform Program or shop online! Vicki Marsha's retail store is located at 5292 Production Drive in Huntington Beach. Their phone number is (714) 895-6371. While all uniform pieces may not be in stock yet, you are certainly welcome to make the drive to Huntington Beach. Parents report the service is fantastic, not crowded, and very personal!

After August 1, all Uniform Fitting and Order Dates will be held on the Oxford Preparatory Academy Charter School Campus, located at 5862 C Street in Chino

  • Thursday August 5- 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Friday August 13 - 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday August 14 - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Sunday August 29 - 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Friday September 10 - 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oxford Preparatory Academy in the News: Daily Bulletin August 1, 2010

Chino charter school

Educators are energized

Oxford Prep will debut on Sept. 7

CHINO - Teachers Chris Jackson and Bill Fritz are excited about the freedom they will have to create their own music program at Oxford Preparatory Academy.

The former San Bernardino County public school teachers are among dozens of teachers recently hired at Oxford Prep. The charter school is set to open Sept. 7 at the site of the former El Rancho Elementary School.

"We're getting the freedom to create our own programs, which is going to allow us to be more positive and excited and promote that excitement and energy in the students," Jackson said.

"I'm coming from a school that was very boxed in by the district and the administration. Now, I don't have to follow the same curriculum as everybody else. I can do my

Music teachers Bill Fritz, left, and Chris Jackson, center, discuss plans with Oxford Preparatory Academy's educational services director, Jason Watts, at the new charter school set to open in Chino in September. (Neil Nisperos/Staff)
own thing."

Charter schools are elementary or secondary schools that receive public funds, but don't have to follow rules, regulations and statutes that apply to other public schools.

About 1.65 million students are attending about 5,000 charter schools in the United States. In the past year, about 450 charter schools have opened, said Nelson Smith, president and chief executive of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Charter schools are increasing in popularity because they offer greater power for site administrators over the operation of programs, new and innovative teaching practices as well as a performance system through competition, said Steven Holguin, senior manager of school development with the California Charter Schools Association.

Oxford Prep, which will be under the direction of Sue Roche and Jason Watts, may be the largest independent charter school in California. When its doors open in September, Oxford Prep will enroll about 850 students and about 100 independent study students, according to the California Charter Schools Association.

"When teachers at district schools have new ideas, it's often difficult to have them implemented because of the scale and size of the district," Holguin said. "In the smaller environment of a charter school, decisions made at the site ... can be more quickly enacted."

The creation of Oxford Prep followed increasing frustration from Rhodes Elementary School parents, teachers and administrators. In 2009, they successfully petitioned for an independent charter school due to a desire for more freedom and autonomy from the Chino Valley Unified School District.

In a petition to Chino Valley Unified officials, the supporters of a charter school cited several reasons for the move. They included the need for more school community autonomy over program decision-making, an interest in protecting teachers from layoffs and allowing students to consistently follow a set of programs into their middle school years.

Roche and Watts, who were administrators at Rhodes Elementary, said they had grown frustrated about funding for equipment being denied by Chino Valley Unified.

There was also concern that Rhodes Elementary could lose valuable teachers due to a declining district budget, Watts said.

Roche said she is excited to have more decision-making power when it comes to hiring teachers and acquiring resources.

"I think charters are really the next big innovative way to educate kids because I think it gives people an opportunity to really plan the education for their children and make it more centered for the community," said Roche, who will serve as executive director for the Oxford Prep.

"The parents get to help decide how they educate their children and what programs are there for the kids."

Watts said Oxford Prep is "site-based learning at its best.

"I think that, provided you have strong leadership and people willing to be innovative, you take that innovative thought process and not worry about the bureaucracy of system and implementing the kinds of things you want to do to make school fun, exciting, and rigorous at the same time for kids," said Watts, who will serve in a principal-like role of director of educational services.

Ontario resident Tina Kaiser, who starred as Tina Yothers in the 1980s NBC-TV sitcom "Family Ties," said she was excited about the possible opportunities at Oxford Prep. Kaiser said she enrolled her 4-year-old daughter at Oxford Prep after having been impressed with the school's proposed music program, which will involve all of the school's students.

"I was raised with music and I had a big passion in the arts in general," Kaiser said. "One of the things that drew me at the parent meeting for Oxford was how open the music program will be and how interested they are to teach music. My 4-year-old beats the drums at home and she's really excited about music."

Oxford Prep is located at the Oaks Avenue and C Street intersection. El Rancho Elementary was shuttered in 2009 due to Chino Valley Unified budget cuts.

"We now have the freedom to do what we feel is right musically," Fritz said. "We're not bound down by any restrictions. Sue's given us pretty much the greenlight to develop whatever we want to develop."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more: http://www.dailybulletin.com/news/ci_15647843#ixzz0vWbtdZIG

Oxford Preparatory Academy in the News: Daily Bulletin Sunday August 1, 2010

Oxford Prep rejects 'one size fits all'

CHINO - Jared McLeod said he is a product of multiple-intelligence-based learning.

For McLeod, the theory has paid off.

The recent Cal Poly Pomona liberal arts valedictorian attended Country Springs Elementary School in Chino Hills when it opened in 1994 under the direction of then-Principal Sue Roche.

Roche instituted a multiple-intelligence-based learning program at Country Springs Elementary.

Starting in September, McLeod, 22, will teach at Oxford Preparatory Academy, a new charter school where Roche will be executive director and where multiple intelligence-based learning will be implemented.

Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner created multiple intelligence learning in 1983. The theory suggests student learning is optimized when the material is taught using students' preferred way of learning new things, whether it be musically, physically, verbally, visually as well as other learning styles.

"Everyone has their own style of learning," McLeod said. "If we pigeon-hole kids into one style of learning, I think we eliminate the other different types of learning. With multiple intelligence learning, we encourage kids that they can be successful and that they will succeed."

Multiple intelligence supporters say students are gifted and able learners but learn subjects in different ways based on learning styles to which they are more suited.

For example, some students may be more mathematical while others

may be more artistically or physically inclined.

Teachers use a variety of methods to touch on each of a student's learning strengths.

For instance, children can learn math through a music lesson or geography though a playground blacktop embedded with facts.

McLeod described his learning strength as "bodily kinesthetic," which includes people who are adept at sports and learn best through physical movement.

He said he is excited about bringing his personal experience with multiple intelligence learning to a new group of students.

"Our philosophy is that every student has the ability to learn and no student is classified into different levels - all students can learn at a high level if we teach them what the correct methods are using their strengths through multiple intelligence learning," McLeod said.

Roche says the method isn't new and has been used by teachers in California and the United States.

Roche's approach is different because the theory will be implemented for the entire school.

Jackie Ernst, whose daughter will enter Oxford Prep in the fall, was enthusiastic about multiple-intelligence-based learning.

"The status quo for the entire nation is `one-size-fits-all' education," Ernst said.

"You teach to the middle, the average. The ones at the bottom don't get what they need and the ones at the top don't get what they need unless you get them in a special class.

"Multiple intelligence is effective because it finds out how a student learns best and it teaches the child that way."