Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Approve A Charter- Daily Bulletin Letter to the Editor June 3, 2009

Approve A Charter

Charter schools may be the answer to California's educational woes. In the Chino Valley Unified School District, a group of parents and teachers are going out on a limb to make a necessary change to current educational options for parents and families of the community by starting a charter school. Oxford Preparatory Academy, the name chosen by the founding members of the charter, looks to be a beacon of student success in the Chino Valley.

From their unique collegiate theme, where every classroom is a university, to the belief that all students are gifted, this school has the roots of student success firmly planted and ready to bloom.

As a parent interested in this charter endeavor, I am hopeful that the school board and governing body of CVUSD will cultivate student success by allowing this educational option for families of the community. It is the board's duty to make decisions that are right for children.

That is why the community voted for the board members in the first place. I would hope that is why they chose to represent our community.

This call for change embodies far more than a parent's option for their child's education. It is an opportunity to change the treacherous course CVUSD has been on for the public's observation and scrutiny. There is a saying about a train wreck ... you don't want to look, but it is difficult to pull your eyes away.

All eyes are on you. Make the most of it, accept change, and enable our community to see that CVUSD is truly innovative, willing to permit Oxford Preparatory Academy to serve as an educational "option" to the children of our community.


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