Friday, June 19, 2009

Next Steps...Meeting Tuesday June 23 6:30 PM

The Founding Group of Oxford Preparatory Academy wishes to thank the public for their overwhelming support, both Thursday night and as we move forward with bring the BEST learning environment in the state to Chino Valley for our kids!

Thursday night, the CVUSD Board denied Oxford Prep's charter petition 3:1 with Trustee James Na showing vision and voice as he stood up to the status quo. While we are disappointed that the other board members and the CVUSD cabinet simply lacked the understanding and knowledge of ed code requirements as related to charter schools, we also understand that Oxford Prep is the first of our kind in the Chino Valley and therefore we have the burden of having an approval process that is unlikely to be put before any other applicant. The county and state have familiarity with charter petitions. They understand the nuances of the contents, what ed code requires, what must be in place prior to enrollment, and what are realistic expectations prior to approval. It is obvious, particularly after Thursday, that the CVUSD board does not have this same level of knowledge (which can be understandable to a point). Mrs. Orozco made it quite clear from her comments that she has not taken the time to read and understand the petition despite our repeated efforts to reach out and spend time to facilitate her understanding. Her comments about the notes she took and the concerns she has make it evident that she has little knowledge of charter applications, ed code requirements, or what an independent charter application must present. It was discouraging to hear Mr. Youngblood exclaim that OPA teachers, who need jobs like anyone else in this economy, were "holding this district hostage" before slapping his microphone away . Oxford Prep's hesitation to agree to the 30 Day extension was based on that timeline exceeding the June 30th Intent to Return Form.

A community meeting will be held next Tuesday June 23 at 6:30 PM at the Premiere Academy/Chino Hills Chinese School at 5847 Pine Avenue Chino Hills to announce our strategy as move toward the next level.

Oxford Preparatory Academy V2.0 will allow for a stronger foundation, a true start up financial grant base, and a much larger community momentum. Keep checking the website and Facebook page as details emerge.

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