Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CVUSD Board Meeting Thursday June 18, 7 PM

Tonight is the night!
Come show your support for OPA at the district Board meeting. Wear AQUA! Arrive early. Speakers will be able to address the board for 3 minutes each prior to Board discussion on Oxford Prep. The CVUSD Board will vote on approval or denial of the OPA petition to open our charter school this fall.
Come show your support!

The Board meeting will be held at the CVUSD office at 5130 Riverside Drive in Chino. The agenda may be downloaded from the district website.

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  1. I will leave you with this quote from Governor Schwarzeneggar:

    "These charter schools are a choice for our kids. Now anyone that isn't happy
    with the education for their kids, there is an alternative. I have seen unbelievable examples of that. I have traveled up and down the
    state to visit charter schools to make sure that we put the spotlight on what they are doing…to be part of this and help our children is the greatest thing we can do."